Posted by on February 10, 2016

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Instagram photo ideas


I don’t know about you but from time to time I honestly don’t know what to post. I don’t want to bore my followers with selfies. I want to give my followers the full ChryssVI experience!!! Too much? Sorry. Anyway, here are some interesting Instagram photo ideas to get you started or out of your brain stump.



Upload a photo of your meal. After all, what’s a meal if you don’t share it with the world?



A photo posted by Sistaz In The Kitchen (@sistazinthekitchen) on


Oh, and make sure you’re in it or it didn’t happen.


A photo posted by Wendy Cummins (@wendycummins) on

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  • Sheri

    These are good ideas. I love to take pictures of meals because I am a foodie 🙂 I agree with all five tips, though I never share national Day posts from Austria as they are not really celebrated the way they are in the US. Thanks for sharing

  • Shanti

    Great photo tips, I always forget to take pictures of my tech stuff to post…

  • I seriously need to amp up my IG game! These were some excellent tips!!!

  • Valerie Robinson

    I really need to step it up! I want to start doing some food pics.

  • Starkey

    I love scenery pictures! It tells a story in so few words. Thanks for sharing!

  • These do cover the basics. I would never think to post a picture of my phone. I’ll do that when I get a new one.

  • If you didn’t post your meal on IG, did you really eat? lol

  • Tyra

    Food does really well on IG. I have a lot of foodie shots because I love food LOL.



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