Posted by on December 29, 2015

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Challenge Yourself

As women, we are God’s gift to this Earth therefore we all deserve nothing but the best. Whatever it is you want or want to become, take the necessary steps to get accomplish it. It won’t be easy but I promise you it will be worth it.

kelly-rowland-we can do it

In 2016, I’m challenging myself to a better lifestyle. I’m eating better, drinking more water, immediately removing negative influences from my life, becoming more positive – even when faced with negativity, show appreciation to loved ones, and becoming more active (summertime I need my body to be pon fleek – yes, pon).

Find Love

Work backwards. Girl, what? No, seriously. Work backwards. If you’re like me and you’re too living the single life but want to find love – you need to work backwards. Before exposing that crazy (you and your brick wall) to other unsuspecting victims men out there, look into your past relationships and figure out what went wrong, why it wouldn’t go right even if you hung in there, and what you refuse to put up with the next go ’round. Also, reflect on what you did wrong because no one is perfect we’ve all went left when we should have gone right. Mind you, this isn’t a time to bash yourself or beat yourself up about failed romances but a time to simply remember why it didn’t work, why you won’t go back, and why the next relationship will be even better.

Improve Love

Maybe you found your love back in 2015 so that last one wouldn’t apply to you. Instead, improve your relationship. Go on dates, send loving texts throughout the day, and figure out where it’s heading. Ladies, if it’s been years or even 6+ months and he isn’t including you in his future plans, then maybe just maybe he doesn’t plan to have you in it.

What are you doing to improve your 2016?

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  • Yes! I agree. I decided to let some things go from last year as to make this year more fruitful and productive. I definitely want to be better and be fearless. Great post!

  • #3 is so me. Rather than being down about my salary, I am picking up as many skills as I can in this job until I can move onto something better. Great tips overall. I need to work on all of them

  • goldnglitters

    Be fearless! Yes, I agree with them all, but that one resonates with me. Awesome post.

  • Valuing myself is one of my major goals for 2016!! I love this post!!

  • I co-sign on every one of these. I like challenge yourself the best. I need to challenge myself to make healthier choices.



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