Posted by on February 26, 2016

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catfish season 5 episode 1

It’s bacccck!

Yes! Catfish: The TV Show is back with a brand new season and I’m back with a new review.

Did you catch the episode? I honestly can’t believe people are still being catfished in 2016!! How, Sway?!


Oh, and if you want to watch the full episode? Head over to the next page to watch.

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  • “Catfish show” is a hit to many folks not me. Just show how people love to be fake just to be on television.

  • I can’t believe people are still falling for these shenanigans.

  • Girl I was just talking about Catfish with someone! How can you catfish in 2016?? doesnt everyone have a camera phone lol

  • Katherine Gilbert

    I just watched this episode. I thought that Josiah was a complete douche to both of these guys. I’m shocked people are still being catfished as well.

  • foodfashionandflow

    Stunned people still fall for it in 2016

  • Im still curious what the deal was for Josiah. He is in a relationship, so what is the payoff for having fake father figure/romantic relationships online?!?

  • LaToya Carter

    I actually really like the show, but it is sad ppl keep falling for this!

  • Kay’s Ways

    I can’t deal, people still getting Catfished??? That’s crazy I’ve only caught a few shows in the past but like you said in the day of social media I am researching your whole life before I meet anyone from online



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