Posted by on August 16, 2015

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Want to look like you’re fresh off the Instagram runway? Well, these apps will make your selfies FLAWLESS!

Now, all the links below will take you to Apple’s App Store – sorry Android users but I’m sure you can find these apps in your Play Store by searching for them. #TeamAppleButIMightSwitchToAndroidButImNotTooSure
Flawless Selfies
Source – Instagram/ItsMyRayRay
1. Face Tune – ever wondered how “Instagram models” have such flawless skin? Well, it’s not genetics – it’s good ol’ Face Tune. This app allows you to edit your face, your eyes, teeth, the background…basically everything within your picture to suit your needs. No, it’s not free but it’s definitely worth the download.

2. Enlight – this is the ultimate photoshopping app. You can combine objects with your selfies and so much more.

3. Split-Lens – with this app you can blend your photos, so they look like one. Want to clone yourself? Download this free app.

4. Afterlight – ultimate filters and it’s FREE!

5. Aillis – is the free version of Face Tune. Aillis allows you to edit your photos, create collages, add text and filters to your photos and so much more. This app is free so don’t expect the same functions as Face Tune.
flawless selfies
Source – Facebook/UloveMegz

Look, it’s time to level the playing field. Gone are the days of under eye bags, scars, and that pimple you woke up with – now you’re Cover Girl ready with these apps. Flawless selfies on fleek!

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  • I am going to go find out which of these are in the play store since I am on Andriod but thank you for such a comprehensive list! I do not do tons of editing because my audience are midlife women and I want to encourage them to be proud of their natural beauty however there are some really cool things I would love to use like putting myself in cool backgrounds! Thanks!

  • I'm team Android as well. The Enlight and Split Lens apps I will definitely try to find in the Play Store. I use my Picasa editor to fix lighting and boost color. I don't care much if my flaws are seen. I prefer to still show some of me even with makeup. Probably why I don't use concealer often.

  • Great post! I'll definitely be checking these and out!

  • Great post! I'll definitely be checking these apps out!

  • I have Face tune but don't use it much. I didn't know about Aillis though. Good lookin out!

  • AC

    I didn't know about many of these! I can't wait to experiment with a few and have a strong selfie game.

  • I am on Andorid so we don't get nada but I love these different apps. I might have to get on that apple train for 6 months and then switch on back to android lol

  • Split Lens seem pretty cool. May have to check that out

  • Great list and will share although I do not edit a lot its good to know there are tools available to me.

  • Wow I love a filter!! I'm going to download the free apps now!!

  • Split lens looks super cool! I prefer to just let my flaws hang out, so no face tuning for me lol. Fun post!

  • I never knew there were so many options for editing selfies! Some of these sound like fun. Thank you for sharing the info!

  • I'm always looking for great iPhone apps (the only smartphone I've ever known #generationone)! These look great thanks for sharing!

  • JoAnna Niles

    I’m addicted to iphone apps. I have to delete some to accomodate for others. Didn’t know about these apps. Thanks for sharing.

  • I’ve been trying to curtail my app purchases, so darn ya for this fabulous temptation!! LOL

  • goldnglitters

    I may have to download the first one on my iPhone.