Posted by on July 27, 2017

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Yesterday was supposed to be a typical Wednesday. I was supposed to head to swim class, stop by my sister’s home for a bit, run a few errands, and head home. Instead, I fell ill and had to miss swim class and my entire day changed. Later on in the afternoon, I had to stop by UPS and drop off some packages and head to the mall to look for an outfit for the BETX concert.

I wasn’t even on the road for 5 minutes when a vehicle in the middle lane came into mine and slammed against my car. My poor Acura! Everything happened so fast. I laid on my horn, memorized the driver’s license plate number (he was ahead of me at this point), and pulled over to the side.

Long story short, he blamed it on the faded lines on the road and was apologetic while his daughter – at least I think that’s her connection – had no problem reiterating the fact that they had multiple people in their vehicle who could be used as witnesses to state they were in the right and I was wrong. I was a bit shaken up but happy I wasn’t physically hurt. The driver and I exchanged insurance information, he apologized again, and we went on our way.

Now, I’m faced with having to make the decision of whether I get my car fixed through my insurance or through an auto repair shop out of pocket. About a year or 2 ago, an elderly woman reversed on my vehicle and it took such a long time to get my deductible back. I had to call my rep many times to find out the status of my claim. Just thinking of that makes me not want to go through my insurance again. On the other hand, going through an auto repair shop may be extremely costly and only Lord knows how long I’ll be without my vehicle. 

So, the question remains – what do I do next? Any suggestions?

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